Les animaux de la ferme (FR) - Illustrated Word Wall (45)

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  • 45 word labels
  • Language: French
  • PDF files (digital download)
  • Included Versions: 3 words per page in colors (15 pages) and 18 words per page in black and white (3 pages)
  • Page Size: 8.5 X 11 in.

The illustrated words are: vache, taureau, veau, truie, verrat, porcelet, brebis, bélier, agneau, jument, étalon, poulain, ânesse, baudet, ânon, lapin, lapine, lapereau, chèvre, bouc, chevreau, poule, coq, poussin, dinde, dindon, dindonneau, cane, canard, caneton, oie, jars, oison, chienne, chien, chiot, chatte, chat, chaton, cochon, mouton, cheval, boeuf, poulet, âne.

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  • With Articles: 18 words per page
  • With Articles: 3 words per page
  • No Article: 3 words per page
  • No Article: 18 words per page


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