Construction de phrases - Ensemble de 30 activités (FR)

Tags: Constructions de phrases, Themes, French, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd - 4th Grade, Food, Animals, Birthday, Castle (Middle Ages), Dinosaurs, Emotions, Space and planets, Farm, Halloween, Insects and creatures, Gardening, Sea and fish, Polar World, Transportations, Music, Christmas, Easter, Pirates, Apples, Valentine's Day, Seasons, Sports and Olympics

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  • Langage: French
  • Script & cursive versions
  • Black & White
  • 3 pages per file
  • Page size: 8.5 X 11 in

Bundle that includes 30 sentence construction activities in French on the following themes: food, recipes, pets, animals of Canada, sea animals, polar animals, birthday, castles, tales, dinosaurs, dragons, emotions, space and planets, summer, Halloween , winter, insects, gardening, music, Christmas, Winter Olympics, Easter and farm, interrogative sentences, pirates, apples, spring, class rules, Valentine's Day, vehicles, clothes.

The child cuts out the illustrated words on page 3 of the document (one row corresponds to one sentence). He puts the words in order to form a sentence and he sticks them in the squares on pages 1 and 2. He can then write the sentences obtained in the sidewalks (script writing) or in double lines (cursive writing). In each sentence, the capital letter and the period are indicated on the pictures to help the child. Sentences contain 5 to 6 words.

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