Le cycle de vie de la poule (poussin) illustré (FR)

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  • PDF Files
  • Language: French
  • Posters in color, activities in black & white
  • Poster Sizes: 1 illustration per page (12 pages), 4 illustrations per page (3 pages)
  • Page size: 8.5 X 11 in

Posters: The main stages of the hen life cycle described in French and illustrated for children.

Activity sheets included:

- The life cycle of the hen: Name the stages (The child writes the stages of the hen's life cycle in the right place. The descriptions of the eight stages are written under each illustration. An answer key is offered.)

- The hen's life cycle: Number (The child numbers the stages of the hen's life cycle to put them in order. Note that the stage called "embryo" (egg-cell) takes place in the hen . Then the egg is laid. The stages of embryo development take place while the hen is incubating the egg.)

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  • 4 illustrations per page, PDF file
  • 1 illustration per page, PDF file
  • Answers: Name the stages
  • Activity Sheet: Name the stages
  • Activity Sheet: Number the stages
  • Answers: Number the stages


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